Centre équestre Les Dudes Essertines-sur-Rolle

NOUVEAU dès sept. 2023

Formation Parelli en ligne en français

Une formation unique préparée sur mesure par Carmen Zulauf pour les francophones

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Welcome to the Center des Dudes !

A natural approchach to horsemanship based 
on mutual respect and kindess


Carmen Zulauf and her team invite you to discover their activities that are based on the laws of nature and respect both the dignity and the personality of the human and the horse.  

The Center offers two main activities, the riding school based on natural horsemanship and the center for personal development for humans. 

The riding school of the center les Dudes, is based at Essertines-sur-Rolle 10 min from Rolle and lake Geneva in Switzerland, and offers a foundation for all equestrian disciplines. The school is specialized in teaching skills on the ground online and liberty and riding with and without contact and aims to develop a well-rounded and versatile student. All we do follows the principles of Natural Horsemanship and with this as our base we practice many different disciplines such as (jumping, dressage, vaulting, cross-country, driving, HMS, trek, trail, and more) this, with the aim to allow the students to explore and to add purpose in many different ways.

Our holistic approach is bases on the principles and the philosophy of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. This approach not only teaches skills and techniques from getting the horse, to warming up on the ground to excel as a rider it teaches the human grow and to develop the savvy to become the leader his horse needs.

The center for personal development offers leadership and relationship training, coaching, teambuilding, animations, conferences, as well as a therapeutically approach all assisted by horses. We work with companies, schools, businesses, Homes and several associations and foundations.

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Natural Horsemanship


prestations humains

Personal development





"Parelli-Natural Horsemanship changed my vision of the horse and of life in general. It has given me basic yet, what I believe, essential keys to allow humans and horses to blossom, to grow and to build great relationships with humans and horses. “

Carmen Zulauf
Head of le centre des Dudes

This website replaces the old pnhforyou.com. All the activities of Parelli Swiss Romande are continued by the new center.